The People of the State of New York v. Gaspare Amico

Case ID:
Victim(s) name(s):
Tony Merlino
Defendant(s) name(s):
Gaspare Amico
Crime date:
Monday, April 25, 1910
Hearing date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1910
not guilty
Thomas C O'Sullivan
Prosecuting attorney(s):
Emory Buckner
Defense attorney(s):
John Palmieri
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Tony Merlino testifies that someone stabbed him in the back, near his collar bone, with a sharp iron outside his lodging at 530 East 39th Street on April 25, 1910. John Cronin, a neighbor, says that he helped Merlino after the assault; but Cronin cannot positively identify the defendant as the assailant. Edward McDonald, a police officer, states that he arrested the defendant in the cellar of a nearby building and took him to the Police Court the next day. The defendant, Gaspare Amico, testifies that someone struck him on the arm during a fight on East 39th Street but denies that he had attacked the complainant. The judge, Thomas O'Sullivan, directs the jury to acquit the defendant and the jury finds Amico not guilty.
Crime location:
530 East 39th Street, Manhattan, New York