The People of the State of New York v. Morris Goldberg

Case ID:
Defendant(s) name(s):
Morris Gold
Crime date:
Tuesday, May 18, 1915
Hearing date:
Wednesday, September 8, 1915
Joseph F Mulqueen
Prosecuting attorney(s):
Robert McCormick
Defense attorney(s):
I Erlich Wolfe
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Morris Goldberg, 37, is indicted for knowingly accepting the earnings of a woman engaged in prostitution. May Harris and Fay Smith testify that they had worked as prostitutes out of Sam Vigretti’s saloon on Second Avenue and 97th Street. Harris claims that Goldberg compelled her to give him her earnings; Goldberg denies that he ever knew she was a prostitute. It is a hung jury.
Crime location:
Manhattan, New York