The People of the State of New York v. Myrtle Bradshaw

Case ID:
Defendant(s) name(s):
Myrtle Bradshaw
Crime date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1917
Hearing date:
Monday, January 7, 1918
Otto A Rosalsky
Prosecuting attorney(s):
Defense attorney(s):
Samuel Feldman
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Edward Gabler, a minister at the Church of St. George, testifies that the defendant, Myrtle Bradshaw, had appeared at the parish house in August 1917 claiming that she had been baptized in the church as a young girl. She had stated that someone had stolen her pocketbook and she had asked Gabler for a loan until her husband should return from a trip to Pittsburgh. Gabler had provided her with cash and a check totaling forty dollars. Bradshaw, a resident at the Hotel Glendinning on 103rd Street, had, according to the testimony of hotel employees, submitted checks that were subsequently refused. Thomas Goss, a detective with the Municipal Police Force, testifies that he had arrested Bradshaw in October 1917 for forging the signature of Edward Gabler on checks of the New York County National Bank. There is no record of a jury verdict.
Crime location:
Manhattan, New York