The People v. Belle Moore

Case ID:
Defendant(s) name(s):
Belle Moore
Crime date:
Monday, May 2, 1910
Hearing date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1910
Thomas C.T. Crain
Prosecuting attorney(s):
T Channon PressCharles S Whitman
Defense attorney(s):
Alexander Karlin
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Belle Moore, an African-American woman in her early thirties, is charged under Section 2460 of the Penal Code with “procuring women for immoral purposes”. The maximum punishment is imprisonment for five years and a fine of one thousand dollars. George A. Miller, a special investigator for the District Attorney’s office, testifies that he paid the defendant $150 for two girls, both younger than eighteen, to travel to Seattle to work in a brothel. The defense argues that Miller entrapped the defendant into violating the law. The jury renders a verdict of guilty. The judge sentences the defendant to not less than thirty months and not more than five years in prison.
Crime location:
Manhattan, New York