The People v. Edward Lawless

Case ID:
Election offenses
Defendant(s) name(s):
Edward Lawless
Crime date:
Saturday, October 10, 1903
Hearing date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1904
not guilty
John W Goff
Prosecuting attorney(s):
Cornelius F Collins
Defense attorney(s):
Patrick H Loftus
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Edward Lawless, 23, is indicted for falsely registering to vote as James Donnelly on October 10, 1903. Various officials, including members of the Board of Elections, testify to the identity of Lawless. Charles Grabert, 28, chairman of the Board of Inspectors, testifies that he registered an individual calling himself James Donnelly. The judge, John Goff, advises the jury to acquit the defendant on account of insufficient evidence to convict. The defendant is discharged.
Crime location:
27 William Street, Manhattan, New York