The People v. Edward R. Conard impleaded with Jennie Brown

Case ID:
Defendant(s) name(s):
Edward R ConardJennie Brown
Crime date:
Friday, February 19, 1904
Hearing date:
Monday, March 28, 1904
John W Goff
Prosecuting attorney(s):
Marshall B Clarke
Defense attorney(s):
Wauhope LynnW.M. K Olcott
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Edward Conrad, a physician, is indicted for attempted abortion. Minnie Levine, 28, the complaining witness, testifies that she paid the defendant $125 to perform an abortion. Sadie Blocher, a private detective employed by the Thiel’s Detective Agency, testifies that she, poising as Levine’s sister-in-law, witnessed the defendant, accompanied by an assistant, Jennie Brown, arrive at an apartment on 65th Street on 12 February 1904. Blocher testifies that she was working under the direction of Champe Andrews, an attorney at the New York County Medical Society. Edward Reardon and Thomas O’Connell, detectives assigned to the District-Attorney’s Office, testify that they hid in the apartment, emerging to apprehend the defendant as he was about to perform an abortion on Minnie Levine. Edward Conrad, testifying in his own defense, says that two men, guns drawn, claiming to be police officers, arrested him as he was about to examine Levine for a pelvic complaint. Conrad denies that he had intended to perform an abortion or any other criminal operation on the witness. Conrad denies that the instruments in his possession at the time of his arrest were to be used for an abortion. The transcript is incomplete and there is no record of a verdict.
Crime location:
14, West 65th Street, Manhattan, New York