The People v. John Schaumtoeffel

Case ID:
Defendant(s) name(s):
John Schaumloeffel
Crime date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1904
Hearing date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1904
Warren W Foster
Prosecuting attorney(s):
Robert Townsend
Defense attorney(s):
Charles Weishaupt
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John Schaumtoeffel is indicted on a charge of sodomy. John O’Shea, a detective in the District-Attorney’s Office, testifies that on January 20, 1904 he entered a saloon at 233 East 33rd Street. After he gave three dollars to the barkeeper, a second man escorted him to a back room occupied by approximately three hundred men. O’Shea testifies that sexual intercourse took place on a stage among several performers and between the performers and members of the audience. Victor Watson, a reporter for the New York American, provides similar testimony on the events that evening, as do John McMahon, a waiter; Cora Smith, one of the performers; and John Sheppard, the master of ceremonies. John Schaumtoeffel testifies as a witness on his own behalf that he had been unaware beforehand of the character of the performance and that he had permitted Emil Schaefer, a theatrical manager, the use of the room if he, Schaumtoeffel, could sell beer to members of the audience. There is no record of a jury verdict.
Crime location:
233, East 33rd Street, Manhattan, New York