The People of the State of New York v. Harry Fishman, 05 January 1922 (Case 3080)
The People v. Eva Gindes, 05 January 1922 (Case 3081)
The People of the State of New York v. Joseph E. Krause, 11 January 1922 (Case 3083)
The People v. Edward McDonald and Peter Rienzie, 15 February 1907 (Case 628)
The People v. Ines Hyland, 16 March 1904 (Case 415)
John A. Fyshe, a former officer in the British army, testifies that he first met the defendant, Ines Hyland, while he was working as a civil engineer in East Africa. He moved to the United States with his wife, Alberta, in April 1903 and, later that year, he contacted Hyland in New York to request a loan of $10,000. Fyshe claimed that he gave Hyland a diamond necklace, the property of his wife, as a guaranty of the loan; but that Hyland, on receiving the necklace, disappeared without providing the loan. Ines Hyland, in her defense, claims that she was the victim of an elaborate hoax designed by Fyshe to conceal his appropriation of the necklace from his wife. Fyshe, according to Hyland’s testimony, had tricked her into providing a receipt for the necklace while retaining it in his possession. Hyland denies that she had intended to provide Fyshe with a loan. The jury finds the defendant not guilty on the indictment of larceny in the first degree.
The People of the State of New York v. Martin Conlon, 21 March 1904 (Case 416)
The People v. Adolph Anderson, Charles Kiersted, Michael Long, Clarence Mitchell, and Patrick O'Brien, 21 March 1904 (Case 417)
The five defendants are indicted for grand larceny in the second degree. Stewart Coles and Alfred Roser, private detectives working for the Wholesale Fish Dealers Association, testify that they witnessed the defendants stealing fish from a consignment of eighteen containers delivered to the Fulton Fish Market in the early morning of 23 December 1903. The detectives, concealed in an oyster boat docked at the pier, watched the defendants break open containers to obtain a quantity of halibut. Benjamin Graham, an oysterman, William Ashcroft, night watchman, and George Moon, night clerk, testify to the presence of the defendants at the market at the time of the alleged robbery. The defendants, truckmen hired to deliver the halibut from the Erie Railroad terminal in Jersey City, deny that they had stolen the fish. The jury finds the defendants guilty of petit larceny.
The People v. James Gatewood, 23 March 1904 (Case 418)
The People v. William Newcomb, 06 February 1905 (Case 483)
The People v. Mabel Roshor and Mary Green, 07 February 1905 (Case 485)